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Our assembly departments have the ability to offer kitting, part-to-part subassemblies, major mechanical and electrical assemblies making Imaginetics a one-stop shop for our customers. Capabilities include Riveting, Bonding, Swaging and OHM testing. Continual upgrades to equipment and training guarantees Imaginetics stays on the leading edge of assembly techniques.


Assembly 2
Assembly 1
A silver square
A green and black part with wires and red
A green part detail with silver
A green triangle
A green simple part
A green box part like mailbox
A white and green big part side view
A white and green big part detail
AS white part angled up to right with 4 circle holes
AS white and green part
AS two square green parts
AS yellow part
AS white part
AS side of silverwhite part
AS horizontal white part with 4 circle cutouts
AS many green parts in rows
AS gold closeup with fasteners
AS horizontal green with lots of circle cutouts
AS green two pieces
AS green arm part
AC white cutout detail
AC flat white square
AC two white bulbs
AC green part closeup
AC green part closeup
AC white square with holes
ACS green closeup
ACS square gold/silver part
ACS green part
ACS green two views
CNC green envelope shape